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Our Work

Our Work

Delighted Champs provides an ideal platform for parents and children sharing knowledge. As parents, we recognize that our children absorb information from us, but as they develop into adults, they also provide us with invaluable lessons. Embarking together on this collaborative journey of knowledge-sharing and discovery is truly enriching.

Delighted Champs embraces this partnership of shared learning experiences by providing an environment where parents and children can enjoy an enriching educational journey together.

Online Journey From 2021 to 2022

Free Books Distribution For NGO Kids - 2022
Free Offline Camp - 2022
Free Offline Camp - 2022
Free Offline Camp - 2022
Free Online Summer Camp -2022
Contributions to Charity - 2021

Delighted Champs was founded with just one particular aim to serve and share knowledge. Today the team has grown up and has become a team with its own goals and mission. We are here to support each other and be inspired.

We’re going to grow and expand our vision. We’re going to connect with every parent across the world to keep education accessible. We have an experienced team who has the right capabilities and skills to transform education and connect with parents.


We’re a non-profit organization with the mission to provide a FREE online courses to NGO privilege kids and needy ones. All other students who are interested to join us will be happy with our very affordable fees.

Our Goal

To empower students by providing educational resources across the World. We aspire to make education accessible by providing e-learning courses & content. We aspire to help students be the best by learning and be highly educated in the areas they find their selves in.

Delighted Champs was established with one goal in mind: knowledge sharing. Our dedicated team has grown and matured, setting their own goals and missions as time progressed; today, Delighted Champs stands as a close-knit community where mutual support and inspiration serve as our guiding principles.

Delighted Champs stands united as a team with a common purpose – facilitating knowledge transfer and encouraging one another. Together, we form a dynamic force fueled by our shared commitment to create an environment where learning and inspiration flourish. Through teamwork and cooperation, Delighted Champs remains committed to upholding its founding core values and upholding them accordingly.

How We Work

Use a multimedia presentation to introduce the eLearning course. A video presentation can entertain and engage your learners from the very beginning.

 Introduce them to a character. Introduce them to a character. By starting your eLearning course with a character or avatar introduction, the learners will be guided through the modules by this character.

Highlight learning objectives by using fonts and graphics. If you’re going for a simpler lerne

  • Delighted Champs is a solution for parents for kids overall growing
  • There are various activities for kids and adults too, as there is no age limit.
  • Delighted Champs solely spread happiness among all the corners of society
  • Our priority mission is to do some great work for society to make the orphan kid
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