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Our Team

Our Team

Let's Know About Us

The key to our success is our team. Each of our workers is exceptional in their own right, but it is their combined efforts that make Delighted Champs such a fulfilling and enjoyable place to learn. The Delighted Champs team is a close-knit, skilled group with a common goal of continuously providing excellent outcomes for our students while also making the learning process a fun, inclusive, pleasurable place to learn and grow a fulfilling career path for the future.

We’re incredibly pleased of the team we’ve established. Delighted Champs has always been known for bringing together brilliant people who have a same vision and a desire to help us be the best we can be for our students. Every one of our team member is a unique individual who is bound together by a set of five basic principles that govern everything we do at this website.

BOLDNESS: Take initiative, make decisions, accept responsibility, and try new things.

CURIOSITY: Ask questions, do research, and learn new skills

TOGETHERNESS: Play an active position in the team, offer help to your coworkers, cooperate, and have fun.

RELATION: Meet people, develop contacts, build relationships, and understand the larger picture by staying connected.

IMPROVE: seek out opportunities to develop, set goals for yourself, never stop learning, and aim to be the greatest.

The Delighted Champs team work hard to ensure that our students are supported and empowered to provide outstanding outcomes for them.

Meet Our Creative Team

Delighted Champs offers an unparalleled learning experience, featuring highly knowledgeable instructors in various online courses spanning drawing, abacus, dance, chess, vocal music and yoga. Our educators bring with them years of knowledge in each discipline they cover.

Delighted Champs strives to create an enriching learning experience for its students, stimulating creativity, cognitive ability and overall well-being. Our experienced faculty ensures top-quality education across various courses for all of them and guarantees every child gets the best learning experience.

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