Mental Math with Online Abacus Level 6 Course

At Delighted Champs, we’re delighted to present the summit of mental math acrobatics – our Online Abacus Level 6 Course! Specifically created for those seeking mathematical excellence at its finest levels, this program equips participants with skills that enable them to navigate even complex calculations confidently and effortlessly.

Why Choose our Online Abacus Level 6 Course?

Ultimate Proficiency: Level 6 marks the pinnacle of our Online Abacus program for students who have successfully passed previous levels. Your child will master advanced algebraic concepts, complex calculations, and challenging mathematical puzzles with ease!

Mathematical Genius: With Level 6, your child will become a genius! They will possess deep knowledge of abacus techniques, employing them skillfully to solve complex mathematical issues quickly.

Critical Thinking Maestro: At our program, our emphasis lies not solely in mathematical skills but also in developing critical thinking abilities such as logical deduction and strategic planning – skills that apply in all spheres of life.

Guidance from Masters: Under the tutelage of experienced instructors, your child will benefit from expert mentorship when exploring more complex mathematical concepts.


Check Course Details of Abacus Level 6

Course Level Description Duration
Advance Level 1 &2
1. Higher digits addition,
2. Subtraction
3. Multiplication
4. Division
5. Decimals
6. Negative numbers
24+ Sessions
Note: Duration of each session - 1hour, 2 sessions in a week (Terms & Condition Applied )
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What Our Online Abacus Level 6 Program Offers:

Advanced Algebraic Concepts: Level 6 introduces more sophisticated algebra, equations, and applications. Your child will become adept in applying algebraic principles effectively in problem-solving mathematics.

Pinnacle of Problem-Solving: This course presents your child with increasingly challenging problem sets to build critical thinking and innovative problem-solving abilities when faced with complex mathematical puzzles.

Real World Application: Our program bridges the gap between theory and practice, helping your child apply their advanced math skills in everyday situations for success in any endeavor.

Engaging Learning Experience: Video lessons, interactive exercises, and thought-provoking problem sets make learning an immersive and pleasurable experience for your child.

Join a Community of Excellence: Explore joining an inclusive network of parents and learners dedicated to pushing mathematical achievements further, celebrating milestones together while sharing insights, and creating supportive environments.


Enhance Your Child's Mathematical Excellence With Abacus Level 6!

Delighted Champs’ Online Abacus Level 6 program gives your child the tools to exceed expectations in complex calculations, algebraic principles, and creative problem-solving. Let your mathematical genius shine on display!

Please provide your child with an edge in academics and beyond by enrolling them in Online Abacus Level 6 today, and watch as they emerge as mathematical masterminds!

Unleash Your Mathematical Prowess in Online Abacus Level 6 Now!

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Our Online Abacus Level 6 Course represents the pinnacle of our abacus program, intended for students who have completed previous levels and wish to master some of the most sophisticated abacus techniques. It covers intricate algebraic concepts, complex calculations, and mathematical problem-solving.

This online Abacus Course Level 6 Course has been specifically tailored for students who have completed previous levels or possess an advanced understanding of Abacus manipulation. This makes this suitable for learners aged 16 years or above who strive to reach the highest possible mathematical proficiency.

Our course is hosted on our online platform, and students have access to video lessons, interactive exercises, and challenging problem sets at their own pace, mastering intricate abacus techniques as they apply them in various mathematical scenarios.

Depending on the nature of each course structure, students can interact with their instructors through discussion boards, live Q&A sessions, or email communication methods.

Yes, the course includes progress-tracking features that enable students and parents to monitor progress as it happens and revisit completed lessons when appropriate or identify areas for future improvement.

Course duration will depend upon each student’s learning pace, typically completed in a weeks-month timeframe with the self-paced structure for a comfortable learning experience.

Your child will be required to access this course with a desktop PC, notebook PC, smartphone, or other smart device with access to stable internet service for more information regarding specific technical specifications for participation upon enrollment.

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