Mastering Mental Math With Abacus Level 4!

Delighted Champs is excited to present Online Abacus Level 4 course, our premier mental math program! Explicitly designed to hone and perfect mental math abilities in young minds, this advanced course equips kids with all the tools required to excel at intricate calculations with speed and flair!

Why choose Our Abacus Level 4 Online Program?

Advanced Mastery: Level 4 marks the Online Abacus journey’s pinnacle for students who have completed previous levels or demonstrate strong mental mathematics proficiency. Your child will master complex multiplications, divisions, square roots, and more through our advanced Abacus classes!

Mathematical Fluency: At Level 4, your child can develop mathematical proficiency that builds confidence for academic and real-life situations. Complex calculations become second nature, and confidence is increased accordingly.

Analytical Powerhouse: Our program fosters more than mere calculations; it builds analytical thinking skills, such as logical reasoning and problem-solving abilities spanning multiple fields and disciplines.

Personalized Guidance: Your child will benefit from professional instructors as they navigate complex mathematical concepts with personalized support.

Check Course Details of Abacus Level 4

Course Level Description Duration
Movers Level-4
1. 3,4,... Digits Tables with cumulative addition & subtraction
2. Multiplication of (3×2 )digits
3. Division of divisor 1 digit
24+ Sessions
Note: Duration of each session - 1hour, 2 sessions in a week (Terms & Condition Applied )
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What Our Online Abacus Level 4 Program Offers:

Advance Techniques: Expand your child’s mathematical toolbox through advanced abacus techniques such as square roots, multiplication strategies, and intricate multi-digit calculations. Their mathematical capabilities will become much broader!

Strategic Thinking: At level 4, emphasis will be put on calculation speed and strategic thinking. Your child will learn when and how to apply various techniques for maximum efficiency.

Real-World Applications: Our program connects mathematical concepts to everyday scenarios, encouraging an in-depth knowledge of how math affects life.

Interactive Learning: Engaging video lessons, engaging exercises, and challenging problem sets make learning engaging for students who actively apply their abilities against increasingly complex challenges.

Connect With Learning Communities: Join an educational community to support your child’s success! Share insights, celebrate achievements, and foster an encouraging atmosphere to ensure it.

Raise Your Child's Mathematical Excellence With Abacus Level 4!

 Empower your child to excel at complex mental calculations, analytical thinking, and problem-solving like never before with Delighted Champs’ Online Abacus Level 4 program! Unleash their true mathematical potential!

Give your child an incredible edge in academic pursuits and beyond by enrolling them in Online Abacus Level 4 today, and watch as they become mathematical heroes!

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This online abacus Level 4 Course is tailored for students who have already taken Level 3 (Online Abacus) of our Abacus Learning Series or who demonstrate advanced knowledge in manipulating an abacus, aged 4+ years and above, and are ready to tackle challenging mental math concepts.

Our course is hosted online. Students access video lessons, interactive exercises, and challenging problem sets at their own pace and may practice applying advanced techniques to complex calculations at their own pace.

In Abacus Level 4, your child will explore advanced concepts, including square roots, advanced multiplication strategies, and intricate multi-digit calculations. The course strives to develop speed and strategic thinking when solving mathematical puzzles.

Depending on the course structure, students may have options for communicating directly with instructors through discussion forums, live Q&A sessions, or email communication channels.

Yes, the online course provides progress-tracking features that enable students and parents to monitor advancement, review completed lessons, and identify areas for growth.

Course duration will depend on each student, typically weeks to months, with the self-paced structure for maximum learning comfort.

To access our course, your child will require either a computer, tablet, or smartphone with access to stable internet. When enrolling, they will receive more specific requirements.

Absolutely – our technical support team stands ready to assist in any way they can if issues arise during access.

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