Abacus Level 2: Unleash Your Math Mastery.

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At Delighted Champs, we’re thrilled to present Abacus Level 2, an engaging program that furthers your child’s mental math journey—Building upon its foundation in Abacus Level 1, Abacus Level 2 delves deeper into advanced calculations while cultivating mathematical excellence and cognitive growth.

Why Choose our Abacus Level 2 Program?

Progressive Learning: Our structured Abacus Level 2 curriculum gradually introduces multiplication, division, and more complex calculations as part of an incremental progression process.

Mental Agility: Watch your child’s mental agility soar as they effortlessly tackle multi-digit calculations with our program designed to enhance it and gain the skills to perform complex operations mentally with confidence and accuracy.

Problem Solving Proficiency: At Level 2, students gain more than just mathematical expertise; they develop critical thinking and problem-solving capabilities, which are valuable across many areas of life.

Advanced Techniques: Your child will gain additional success with mathematics by engaging both sides of their brain using advanced abacus techniques that stimulate both sides. Their math scores will rise, and they’ll develop holistic cognitive capabilities!

Expert Guidance: Our knowledgeable instructors assist students through challenging concepts with personalized assistance that ensures understanding and mastery.

Check Course Details of Abacus Level 2

Course Level Description Duration
Online Abacus
Movers Level -2
1. Addition
2. subtraction
3. 16 formulas of combinations.
24+ Sessions
Note: Duration of each session - 1hour, 2 sessions in a week (Terms & Condition Applied )

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What We Provide with Our Abacus Level 2 Program:

Comprehensive Curriculum: With our diverse curriculum that encompasses multiplication, division, two-digit and three-digit calculations, and other topics like timed subtraction drills for math tests and more – your child will develop solid mathematical tools!

Interactive Learning: Engaging video lessons and exercises make learning enjoyable and practical, with visual aids to aid understanding intuitively. Visual aids also serve to demonstrate concepts intuitively for easier grasping.

Skill Development: Abacus Level 2 allows your child to develop accuracy and speed in mental math through regular practice and targeted exercises. They’ll have no trouble building on what has already been gained!

Personal Progress Tracking: Our program adapts to meet each student’s individualized pace. Progress tracking allows students and parents to celebrate milestones while pinpointing areas for growth.


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Give your child an advantage in mental math skills and critical thinking with our Online Abacus Level 2 Course, helping them confidently take on complex calculations and develop a lifelong passion for mathematics.

At Delighted Champs, we aim to shape young minds into confident problem-solvers and skilled mathematicians. Please register your child for Abacus Level 2 now to start them on the path toward mathematical excellence!

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This advanced program builds upon the fundamental skills acquired during Level 1. It introduces more complicated abacus multiplication, division, and multi-digit calculation techniques, all within an accessible online environment.

This online abacus Level 2 Course is tailored for learners aged eight or above with prior abacus experience who want to advance to more complex mental math concepts.

Our course can be found through our online platform and gives your child access to video lessons, interactive exercises, and practice problems. They can log in anytime they like and watch lessons before practicing skills at their own pace and making progress at their own pace.

In Abacus Level 2, your child will become familiar with more advanced math techniques such as multiplication, division, and more extensive digit calculations. The course aims to strengthen mental math abilities as well as problem-solving capabilities.

Yes, the course features progress tracking features so you and your child can follow their advancement, review completed lessons, and identify areas needing further practice.

Your child will be required to access this course via computer, tablet, or smartphone with stable internet connectivity – more details regarding these technical specifications will be given upon enrollment.

Yes, you can take a free Demo class between 30-40 minutes by an expert.

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