Building Strong Mathematical Foundations Online

Delighted Champs is thrilled to introduce your child to the fascinating world of mental math through our Level 1 Abacus Program, designed to foster their love of numbers while improving mental agility. This groundbreaking educational experience serves as the building block of future mathematical success!

Why Select Our Abacus Level 1 Course?

Structured Learning: Our Online Abacus Level 1 program’s carefully tailored curriculum gradually develops your child’s skills from basic number recognition through addition and subtraction; every step has been planned for optimal understanding.

Mind Empowerment: Abacus training acts like physical fitness for your brain. Your child will quickly develop concentration, memory retention, and mental calculation abilities as training continues.

Confidence-Booster: Witness your child’s confidence flourish as they master new math challenges with ease and gain satisfaction from Abacus learning – which positively contributes to overall self-esteem!

Holistic Development: Beyond math skills, our program encourages critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and cognitive capabilities that will challenge and stimulate your child’s brain excitingly and holistically.

Experienced Instructors: At our dedicated instruction facilities, our dedicated teachers specialize in engaging young minds through guidance, support, and encouragement to ensure your child enjoys success during their Abacus journey.

Course Level Description Duration
Movers Level - I
1. Addition
2. subtraction
3. 8 formulas of combinations.
24+ Sessions
Note: Duration of each session - 1hour, 2 sessions in a week (Terms & Condition Applied )

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What Our Abacus Level 1 Program Offers:

Interactive Lessons: Engaging, interactive lessons make learning enjoyable for your child, making discovering numbers an engaging adventure with our carefully planned activities.

Visual Learning: Our Abacus Program Combines Physical and Visual Learning, allowing your child to visualize numbers and operations through a multisensory approach that strengthens comprehension.

Track Progress: Regular assessments allow you to stay apprised of your child’s growth and accomplishments together. Witness and Celebrate

Flexible Learning: Our flexible learning program has been carefully created to fit seamlessly into your child’s life, whether in-person or online, offering various solutions depending on what best meets their needs and interests.


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Delighted Champs offers our Level 1 Abacus program as an exciting gift of mental math mastery to your child! See them flourish academically, gain essential life skills, and embrace challenges more confidently! At Delighted Champs, we believe every child possesses the potential to be a math champion, so join us today on this amazing adventure and become part of it all. Join Delighted Champs today on this unforgettable journey, and let the fun begin!

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Our comprehensive Online Abacus Level 1 Course aims to teach children basic mental mathematics using an abacus without leaving home! It gives a flexible way for kids to engage with mental math!

Our Online Abacus Level 1 Course is ideal for children between 4+ years old, ready to dive headfirst into mental math while building strong numerical foundations.

Our online course features video lessons, interactive activities, and practice exercises designed to build students’ abacus skills and mental math abilities. Students log into the platform, watch lessons at their own pace, and participate in engaging activities designed to sharpen them further.

Your child will gain basic Abacus manipulation, number recognition, and addition and subtraction techniques as they develop skills that enhance mental math capabilities while building their confidence with numbers.

While having physical Abacuses is helpful for online learning courses, our virtual tools within our platform allow your child to practice and visualize Abacus movements more effectively.

Course length may differ based on your child’s learning pace; it should typically take four or five weeks. With its self-paced structure, your child can comfortably learn without feeling pressured by time constraints or feeling like learning is forced on them.

Yes. Our course includes regular assessments and quizzes designed to measure your child’s development as they progress, allowing you to monitor their growth while celebrating their successes.

Absolutely. To ensure a pleasant learning experience, our technical support team offers technical assistance if there are any course access problems or its contents. Suppose that should occur at any point during your studies with us.

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Yes. You can book a 30 to 40-minute free demo with our expert.

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