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No time for yoga? No problem! Check out our Yoga classes from home

yoga for beginners online

Looking to get your yoga on, but don’t have time to leave the house? We’ve got your back!

Our online yoga classes are designed to help you get fit and feel great—no matter where you are. Our teachers are highly qualified and passionate about helping others achieve their fitness goals. And our classes come with the convenience of being able to take them from home at any time of day or night.

We also offer a selection of fitness classes that can be taken on your own schedule, so you don’t need to worry about getting up early or going out in the cold weather. Our instructors will guide you through each workout—and they’re all experts in their field, so they’ll help guide you through every movement with clear instruction and plenty of encouragement along the way. They are passionate about yoga and its benefits, and we offer a wide variety of classes that are sure to suit your needs!

Online Yoga Course Details

Course Type Description Duration
Body Flexibility
Increase the flexibility of body
15 Session
Strength Increase
Boost the strength of whole body
15 Session
Stress Relief
Keep you claim and stress free
15 Sessions
Pranayam is the Key of Yoga
15 Sessions
Yoga For Kids
Memory boosting and fitness
1. Breathing 2. Balancing 3. Height Increase 4. Memory Boosting
15 Sessions
Breathing Techniques
1. All Breathing Techniques 2. Keep lungs healthy 3. Maintains metabolism of body
15 Sessions
Face Yoga
1. Face Exercise 2. Neck Exercise
15 Session
Chair Yoga
For Busy Professionals
1. Yoga Asana which can be done while setting in office 2. Neck Yoga 3. Hands Yoga 4. Legs Yoga
15 Session
Note: Duration of each session - 1hour, 3 sessions in a week*
*Terms and condition applied
If you wish to feel the positive energy that you’ll get after practicing Yoga classes from home, try out our demo class now!
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Our online Yoga classes for beginners and experts

Our mission at Delighted Champs is to provide the best online yoga classes, with the most convenient scheduling options available.

We know that finding a good workout program can be tough, especially if you’re new to it. That’s why we put forward a variety of options for beginners like yourself: from gentle stretches and breathing exercises to more challenging postures and sequences. You’ll also find options for specific goals like weight loss or strength training. We’ve got something for everyone!

We have everything from beginner-friendly classes designed to help you ease into a regular practice, as well as advanced classes that will challenge even seasoned yogis. If you’re new to yoga and just want to learn a few poses in order to get started, our Intro class is perfect for you. If you’re looking for something more intense, try one of our Power classes or Flow classes—either way, we guarantee an amazing workout!

With our online yoga classes for beginners you can start your practice wherever you are. They’re also great for advanced yogis looking to refine their skills. Each class is designed to help you build strength and flexibility, helping you maintain balance throughout your daily life.

Not only Yoga, but also we offer online fitness classes!

Where to find online yoga classes near me?

Not only do we offer online yoga classes near you—we also offer online fitness classes for those who prefer an exercise routine outside of their home or office space. Our instructors are certified fitness experts who know how important it is to keep your body healthy while still having fun and enjoying life. We’ve got everything from circuit training workouts that will give your heart rate a boost in just 30 minutes; cardio workouts that will help melt away fat fast; strength training workouts that build muscle without bulk.

We believe that health is more than just physical: it’s also mental and emotional. That’s why our instructors make it their goal to help you find peace both on and off the mat. Whether you’re looking for relief from stress or want to learn how to meditate during your next class, we’ll customize a program just for you!

Yoga; Where the Mind Goes, The Body Follows!

Find your best self with our best online Yoga classes.

We believe in empowerment, and that’s one of the reasons we created Yoga classes. We want to help you find your way to your best self, and that’s why we offer a wide range of online fitness classes to suit every need!

Whether you’re looking for yoga classes near you, or online yoga classes for weight loss, or even just a workout plan that fits into your busy schedule, Delighted Champs has got you covered. Our online yoga classes are designed with beginners in mind—but don’t worry if you’ve been practicing for years: we have something for everyone!

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to stop procrastinating and start living the life you’ve always wanted!

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Benefits of online fitness classes:

If you’re wondering what are the benefits that you can get from practicing yoga classes from home, here are some of the great benefits that you’ll gain:

  • Yoga improves strength, balance and flexibility; Deep breathing and slow moves promote blood circulation and warm up muscles, while maintaining posture builds strength.
  • Yoga helps with back pain relief; Yoga is equal to simple stretches for reducing pain and improving mobility in people with chronic low back pain. 
  • Yoga can ease arthritis symptoms; Gentle yoga has been shown to relieve some discomfort in arthritic patients with soft, swollen joints. 
  • Yoga benefits heart health; Regular yoga practice can reduce stress and inflammation throughout the body, helping a healthier heart 
  • Yoga relaxes you, to help you sleep better; A consistent yoga practice before bed can help in finding the right mindset to prepare body to fall asleep and stay asleep. 
  • Yoga helps you manage stress; Yoga supports several essential aspects of life such as: mindfulness, stress management, mental health, healthy eating, quality sleep, and weight loss. 
  • Yoga promotes better self-care.

What our Happy Parents Say

Drawing and colouring had always been My son’s favourite activity since he was 2 year old. We identified his interest and were looking for a good art school . However physical classes were not possible due to pandemic/ lockdown. We then started searching for an online class platform , where the admission criteria required below 5 years old. Then we found ‘delighted champs’. Aadith has been associated with his favourite art teacher Ms. Shilpi  for more than 6 months now.  We have noted a lot of improvements  in his drawing and colouring. Recently, based on your drawing theme, he won first place in a clay art competition.I thank Shilpi Ma’am and the whole team of Delighted Champs for bringing out an Artist in my son

Vismitha Ashwin Shetty

Vismitha Ashwin Shetty


I must say the classes conducted by them are so beneficial for my son in learning the skills as well as keeping him busy and he has started building interest in Coloring. He has become very particular about the shades that are mentioned in the class and he wants to use the same ( doesn’t compromise on similar shades). Kudos for their patience and skills to engage him in a playful way. 





Delighted Champs is really one of the out of box learning place for all kids I must say the classes conducted by them are so much beneficial for my daughter in learning the skills and shaping it in a perfect way. My daughter is learning with them since almost one year now and I can see the positive difference in her. Kudos for their patience and skills to engage kids in playful way. Looking forward for a longer association with them..

Nidhi Prasad

Nidhi Prasad


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