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Achieve your Educational Goals & Master the ICSE Course

Delighted Champs is an online primary school education program designed to provide students with the best learning experience possible. Our Master Teachers will help your child unlock their potential and achieve their educational goals.

Our online tuition platform is the perfect choice if you’re looking for ICSE curriculum study material. We’ve made sure to craft our learning solutions so that you get the best education experience out of it.

Our Master Teachers are highly qualified and experienced professionals who can help you better understand a subject, increase your confidence, and give you a clear understanding of the concepts.

Receiving individual attention from a teacher is an invaluable advantage of our classes, as it allows you to get your queries and doubts attended to quickly.

Delighted Champs provides exceptional online tuition services for different board levels. Their tailored approach ensures each student gets a personalized tuition experience, allowing them to understand their subjects and related concepts thoroughly.

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Why Delighted Champs Only?

Achieve Excellence with our Master Teachers

Our professional Master Teachers have extensive knowledge of the ICSE curriculum and will ensure your child gets the most out of their learning experience. With our help, your child can comprehensively understand a subject and excel in their studies.

A Comprehensive ICSE Curriculum

Our online tuition covers all core subjects from grades 1 to 5, ensuring that your child completely understands the ICSE syllabus. Our lessons are designed to cover all aspects of each subject so that your child can gain the most from the course.

Our curriculum offers an in-depth look at various subjects, including Maths, Science, Social Studies and Language. It’s designed to provide students with the necessary skills to succeed in the future through a complete learning experience.

Convenient and Interactive

Our tuition programs are convenient and interactive, allowing you to access our lessons from any device and get help from our dedicated team anytime. Our interactive interface also allows your child to converse with other pupils, giving them an immersive learning experience.

 Student-centric approach: Delighted Champs is a firm advocate of collaboration and reflection to foster proficient learning. Our dedicated online ICSE tutors emphasize the significance of quality teaching and offer their wisdom & experiences to help students comprehend the topics better.

If you need help understanding the basics and have your doubts cleared, Delighted Champs online tutoring service for ICSE classes is the ideal choice.

  • a) Children in grades 1-5 can now attend live virtual classes to help further their education.

  • b) Regular doubt-clarification classes.

  • c)We arrange one-on-one meetings with parents to update their kids’ status.

  • d) Regular online class tests and weekly assignments are given to improve kids’ learning skills.

  • e) We have experienced teachers who can take care of kids worldwide.

  • f) Customized sessions by online ICSE home tutors also allow students to understand concepts through video.

  • g)To ensure students have all the necessary resources, the teacher will provide worksheets and other study materials. If anyone has any questions or doubts, we can arrange doubt-clarification sessions to help clear them up.

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 Online ICSE board classes refer to virtual educational programs designed to help students prepare for the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) examinations. These online classes allow students to access study materials, lectures, interactive sessions, and assessments from the comfort of their homes.

Online ICSE board classes typically function through an e-learning platform. Students enrol in these classes and gain access to various study materials, video lectures, quizzes, and assignments. They can attend live virtual classes with teachers and interact with fellow students. Some platforms also offer personalized learning paths and doubt-solving sessions.

The effectiveness of online ICSE board classes depends on various factors, including the quality of the content, the expertise of the teachers, the platform’s technology, and the student’s commitment. Many students find online classes convenient and efficient as they offer flexibility in study schedules and the ability to revisit lectures. However, choosing reputable platforms with qualified teachers is essential for the best learning experience.

Online ICSE board classes usually cover all the core subjects required for the ICSE curriculum, including English, Mathematics, Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), Social Studies (History, Geography, Civics), Second Language (Hindi, Sanskrit, etc.), and Computer Applications. Some platforms may also provide elective subjects like Economics, Commercial Studies, Environmental Science, etc.

Yes, Our online ICSE board classes provide doubt-solving support. Some platforms offer live doubt-solving sessions where students can interact with teachers and ask questions. Others may have dedicated forums or chat support to address student queries. Make sure to check the support options available on the platform before enrolling.

Yes, online ICSE board classes are available for students of all grades within the ICSE curriculum, ranging from lower grades (e.g., Grades 1 to 5) to higher grades (e.g., Grades 9 and 10). Different platforms may offer courses targeted at specific grade levels so that you can select the appropriate grade-based course for your needs.

 Yes, our online ICSE board classes provide study materials, lecture notes, sample papers, and practice tests to help students prepare for the ICSE examinations. These materials are designed to cover the entire curriculum and facilitate self-study, ensuring students have adequate resources to excel in their exams.

Enrolling in online ICSE board classes is very simple; call us at +91 7987764868 or email to start the registration process.

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