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Do you love Dancing and have Tried Learning from Other Places but Failed?

We believe that anyone can learn dance. All it takes is the right teacher, the right method, and the right approach.

At Delighted Champs, we specialize in making you a confident dancer by providing a fun learning environment where you and your kids can dance together. We are Providing online dance classes for kids and adults.

Become a professional dancer with our best online dance classes

best online dance classes for kids and adults
  1. Want to be confident in the spotlight?
  2. Need to exercise more?
  3. Or do you just want to express yourself creatively through dancing?

Whatever your reason is, you can get started with dance classes from Delighted Champs. Start dancing today! Achieve your goals and train with the world’s top choreographers.

With the best online dance classes, you’ll get instant access to over 1500+ dance classes taught by world-class choreographers.

No need to sign up for classes at an overcrowded studio or wait for the next class, check out our schedule and take the class you want, anytime you want it!

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Our Dance Classes for Beginners lets you Dance Beyond Borders!

Are you always looking for an answer to that question: where to find online dance classes near me?

Where you live shouldn’t limit your dance training. Our online dancing classes brings you the energy and learning experience of classes online for you to access no matter where you’re located!

The best teachers, exclusive class times, and instructional videos will have you dancing like a pro from anywhere.

We offer online classes with some of the best instructors who will take you through a journey utilizing high quality video and audio technology.

Being able to attend classes that are convenient, properly structured, and taught by high quality instructors is what makes our online classes one of the fastest growing online dancing course. With our diverse lineup of courses, there is something for everyone!

At Delighted Champs, we make it our mission to allow anyone, anywhere, to learn dance from the comfort of their home.

Fun Online Dance Class for Kids and Adults

If you are looking for a more interactive and engaging way to learn dance, our virtual classes are the perfect solution. Each class starts with students exercising and getting active while our teachers build on foundation skills to help students grow as dancers.

Students spend the majority of their time learning new choreography, improving technique and full body strengthening to create a well-rounded dancer.

They  will also have access to our online courses, which includes videos for their favorite dances so you can keep practicing even when you aren’t in class!

Online dance classes will make you a better dancer! Now the most popular songs and moves are at your fingertips, making it easier than ever to learn how to dance.

Our online dancing classes are designed to help students grow more as dancers and develop a strong foundation in all areas needed for success in the studio and on stage! We provide lessons for beginners, kids, teens, and adults.

We also provide Bharatanatyam certificate for our online bharatanatyam classes.

Learn faster with our Virtual Curriculum!

Free your soul with happy dancing!

Our online Bollywood dance classes is a choice out of many

Our Online Dance Classes are designed to help you get the most out of your experience and achieve incredible results. Whether you are new to dancing or an experienced dancer that’s looking for something new to challenge you, we have a class for you!

At Delighted Champs you can sign up to learn:

  • Classical dance
  • Free style dance
  • Hip-hop dance
  • Salsa dance
  • Bollywood dance
  • Bharatanatyam dance
  • Western dance

We also give:

  • dance classes for beginners
  • online dance classes for Kids
  • online dance classes for adults

Show your talent Virtually with the Best Online Dance Classes

Show your talent virtually with the best online dance classes

Want to improve your dancing skills? Learn how to become a better dancer and make new friends in this fun, safe, and supportive environment.

We offer a unique online courses that focus on playing, getting active, learning new moves, improving technique, increasing stamina, building strength and flexibility.

Our mission is to provide the opportunity to learn dance from industry experts and make people healthy, fit and energetic. Through our online dance classes, we would like to deliver the same enthusiasm, fun, and energy as we do in our wired dance sessions.


Online dance classes provide virtual online lessons for participants to learn and practice dance techniques, choreography and routines from their home environment remotely.

You will require reliable internet access, devices like computers, tablets or smartphones and enough room to move comfortably between classes. Some classes require specific dance shoes and attire as well.

Yes. Our online dance classes cater to students of all levels – beginners included!

Yes! Our online dance classes are live, so that you will learn lessons through live trainers.

Yes! Our online dance classes are live, so that you will learn lessons through live trainers.

You’ll be sure to find courses for various forms of dancing online: Classical dance

  • Freestyle dance
  • Hip-hop dance
  • Salsa dance
  • Bollywood dance
  • Bharatanatyam dance
  • Western dance


Suppose participants commit themselves to practicing regularly and following instructions closely. Though learning may differ significantly from online to face-to-face learning environments, many participants have made considerable advancements using virtual classes.

Create a regular schedule, dedicate space for dance practice and track your progress over time.

Yes, our online dance classes provide opportunities to receive feedback in a customized format from instructors through video submissions or live sessions – check class details to understand this aspect of feedback provision.

Online courses are generally less costly since they eliminate the need for physical studio space. However, prices will depend on the instructor’s expertise and the content of each course.

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