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Creative Writing and Grammar for the International Curriculu

Welcome to Delighted Champs, where creativity meets proficiency in Creative Writing and grammar for the International Curriculum! Our program caters specifically to children in grades 2-9 and provides an exciting learning experience that cultivates literary abilities and grammatical mastery.


Delighted Champs understands the value of instilling creativity and honing language skills early on. Our Creative Writing & Grammar program was developed to nurture imagination while building language mechanics skills.


Students from grades 2-9 can enrol in our curriculum, which incorporates interactive activities, writing prompts, and storytelling exercises designed to stimulate creative writing. From imaginative narratives to descriptive essays and poetry, our experienced instructors guide students in exploring various genres while helping them discover their own distinctive style of writing.


Alongside unleashing creativity, our program places equal emphasis on grammar and language mechanics. Through targeted lessons and hands-on practice, students develop essential grammar rules, punctuation conventions, sentence structure knowledge, and sentence formation practices, equipping them to communicate more confidently across written and verbal settings.


Our experienced educators understand the unique needs of students enrolled in International Curriculum courses, catering to each learner’s learning style and ability.Our program provides differentiated instruction and tailored feedback to support student growth and development.


Students enrolled in our Creative Writing & Grammar program gain essential life skills as they progress through the program. From critical thinking and problem-solving to communication and self-expression, our holistic approach cultivates well-rounded individuals who can thrive both academically and beyond.


At Delighted Champs, every student possesses the potential to become a skilled writer and effective communicator. Join us on a journey of discovery and creativity where imagination knows no boundaries and language mastery becomes accessible – enrol your child today in our Creative Writing & Grammar program to unleash their full potential!

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