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Play The Game of Kings With Our Amusing Online Chess Classes

Online Chess Classes and courses for kids and adults

Do you know that chess is a game of the mind? This amazing game has been around for centuries, and it’s still one of the best ways to keep your brain sharp.

It is a very complex game with rules that can be difficult to grasp at first. But once you get past the basics, it becomes much easier to understand.

The goal of chess training online is simple: capture your opponent’s king.

The way you do this is by strategically moving your pieces around the board in an effort to outsmart and outmaneuver your opponent.

You can play it in many ways, such as:

  • speed chess (where both players make all their moves within a time limit)
  • rapid chess (with each player having up to 15 minutes per game)
  • blitz (with each player having up to 10 minutes per game)
  • slow chess (with each player taking up to four hours per game).

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Online Chess Course Details

Course Level Description Duration
Complete Beginners
Level 1
2 to 3 Months
Beginner Level 2
Level 2
2 to 3 Months
Beginner Level 3
Level 3
2 to 3 Months
Pre-Intermediate Level 1
Level 4
2 to 3 Months
Pre-Intermediate Level 1 Part 1
Level 5
3 to 3.5 Month
Pre-Intermediate Level 1 Part 2
Level 6
3 to 3.5 Months
Intermediate Level 1 Part 1
Level 7
3 to 3.5 Months
Intermediate Level 1 Part 2
Level 8
3 to 3.5 Months
Intermediate Level 2 Part 1
Level 9
3 to 3.5 Months
Intermediate Level 2 Part 2
Level 10
3 to 3.5 Months
Intermediate Level 3 Part 1
Level 11
3 to 3.5 Months
Intermediate Level 3 Part 2
Level 12
3 to 3.5 Months
Advance Level 1 Part 1
Level 13
3.5 to 4 Months
Advance Level 1 Part 2
Level 14
3.5 to 4 Months
Advance Level 2 Part 1
Level 15
3.5 to 4 Months
Advance Level 2 Part 2
Level 16
3.5 to 4 Months
Advance Level 3 Part 1
Level 17
3.5 to 4 Months
Advance Level 3 Part 2
Level 18
3.5 to 4 Months
Note:Terms & condition applied

An Easy Method That Works For All Chess Training Online Students

Chess is a challenging game that requires players to use strategy and planning to outthink their opponent.

By learning how to plan ahead in chess, your child will be able to:

solve problems more efficiently,

⇐ teaches children how to think before they act,

⇐ make more intelligent decisions in other areas of their lives,

⇐ develop critical thinking skills,

⇐ learn about strategy and planning ahead,

⇐ improve their concentration skills. (This can be particularly important for younger children who may find it challenging to focus on any one thing for an extended period of time). 

Online chess course promotes healthy competition among students by encouraging them to work together as a team while competing against another group or individual in one-on-one or group play settings. This type of teamwork not only helps develop social skills but also provides opportunities for children to learn how much fun it can be when everyone works together as a team toward a common goal!

The game of chess is a timeless game that offers a variety of benefits for children, including improved strategic thinking, critical thinking, time management and more.

All Ages are Welcome to the Online Chess Coaching

Delighted Champs provides best online chess lessons, online chess coaching, and training to help you learn chess. We are experts in teaching chess to kids, adults, and even beginners. Our chess classes will help you improve your game at home or wherever you want.

The online chess classes that we provide are designed for all levels of players. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, our trainers will be able to help you learn the game in the best way possible. We offer live sessions as well as email support so that you can get help whenever it is needed.

Our coaches are experienced players who have been playing for years and know how to teach people of different skill levels. They will make sure that your lessons are personalized so that each student can get exactly what they need from their lessons.

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Fun and Engaging Chess Lessons Online

We provide individual lessons as well as group lessons for those who want to learn with their friends or family members together! We offer a wide range of online chess coaching services at all levels, from beginner to advanced. Our classes are designed for students of all ages and playing strengths.

Our chess club is a one-stop destination for all your needs. We offer regular coaching, classes, and tournaments for all ages. The chess club offers great value to its students in terms of the number of hours and the variety of options available.

Enjoy Learning Chess with the Best Online Chess Tutors.

Our online chess classes are well structured and planned by our expert coaches. Each class will be interesting and engaging for the kids. Our curriculum is designed based on the age groups so that it’s easily understandable by the kids. The curriculum also includes various chess variants like Chess 960, Suicide Chess, etc which makes learning more fun and interesting for the kids.

Exciting Classes, and Fun Tournaments with our Online Chess classes

Our regular tournaments are conducted every month where students can participate and compete with other players in their age group or level of expertise. These tournaments help students improve their rating points as well as experience playing competitively against other players who have similar skill levels as theirs.

Think fast, Play smart, Chess inspired the world!

Get the Best Online Chess Course from Anywhere, Anytime!

Learn to play chess with the best online chess tutorials, and the best online chess tutors.

Delighted Champs is your resource for chess books, online courses, online chess training and more. Find out what the best online chess lessons are, and learn chess with our online chess coaching. Don’t hesitate to know more about our demos and fees.

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Online chess classes are open to enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels, from beginners to advanced players.

In these classes, you will learn chess rules, tactics, strategies, opening principles, middle-game techniques, endgame skills, and game analysis.

No prior experience is necessary. Online chess classes cater to beginners and experienced players alike.

Online chess classes can be live, with real-time interactions with instructors, or pre-recorded, allowing students to access lessons conveniently.

Learning chess offers numerous cognitive benefits, including improved critical thinking, problem-solving skills, memory, concentration, and strategic planning. It also fosters social skills, sportsmanship, and self-confidence while providing a fun and lifelong skill.

Virtual classrooms, interactive chess boards, puzzles, and game analysis are commonly used teaching methods in online chess classes.

The duration and frequency of online chess classes can vary depending on the course or program. Some types may be weekly, bi-weekly, or on a different schedule.

YES! We organize Tournaments or Competitions from time to time for their students, providing valuable practice and the opportunity to test their skills.

You can join online chess classes by Calling +91 7987764868 or email to start the registration process.

YES! We provide personalized feedback and individual coaching to help students identify areas of improvement.

While having a physical chess set is helpful, online platforms provide a virtual chessboard and pieces for interactive play during classes.

YES, we offer certificates of completion or achievement to recognize a student’s progress and dedication.

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