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Delighted Champs is a one of its kind e-learning hub that offers courses for adults and children. Our courses are designed according to the interests of the students. It helps them to learn something new which they would not get anywhere else. We also offer specialized courses on music and dance which are very rare to find elsewhere.

Delighted Champs is a multi-disciplinary learning platform that offers more than just online classes. It also offers live online classes, online chat sessions with experts, video tutorials, downloadable lesson plans and much more!

We believe that every child is special and has the potential to achieve something great so, we take the responsibility to make them realize their dreams by creating a safe and secure environment for them.

We provide quality education through our dedicated team of teachers who are experts in their respective subjects. They are highly skilled and experienced teachers.

Delightedchamps providing online classes for kids
Delighted Champs believes that everyone has the potential to be great, but they need help getting there. That's why we partner with the most qualified teachers to benefit of their wide experiences online, so that anyone can learn from anywhere in the world!

What our Students and Parents Says

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Our teachers are pre-screened, qualified and responsible. They have gone through several tests and interviews before being hired by us.

We also have a team of customer service representatives who are ready to help you 24/7. You can contact them through email info@delightedchamps.com, chat or phone call on 7987764868 anytime you need help with something related to your child’s account or our service.


Happy kids

Our mission is to create the best possible environment for kids to develop their various skills & discover their hidden talents. We believe that every child is unique & has some hidden talents that need to be developed. We help them in carving their natural talent, so that they can shine while growing up. We believe that there is no age limit for learning new things.

Happy Parents

We know that as much as possible, you want your children to be able to continue learning even during this pandemic. That's why we've created a fun and safe space where they can explore and learn while you stay close by.  We have a wide variety of activities for both children and parents alike, so no matter what you're looking for, we've got it covered!

Happy Society

We're Delighted Champs, and we aim to make kids happy. But we want to make this society happy, too. That's why we have various programs for underprivileged children and work with various NGO's to arrange activities for orphan kids. We believe that if we can help these kids succeed in their education, then they'll be able to go on and make this world a better place for everyone else.

The Best ISO 21001 : 2018 Certified E-learning Platform

We provide quality education through our dedicated team of teachers who are experts in their respective subjects. They are highly skilled and experienced teachers.

It is important that we provide our children with resources that allow them to learn at their own pace, without being forced into a rigid schedule or curriculum. This is exactly what Delighted Champs offers. It allows children to learn independently using visual tools, interactive lessons and games. This makes it easier for children to grasp concepts and retain information better than traditional methods. It also allows them to learn at their own pace without feeling stressed out if they don’t understand something at first glance or want more information on a particular topic before moving on to another one. Our wide range of online courses include: Drawing classes, Abacus classes, Singing and Dancing classes, Vedic Math’s classes, Jolly Phonic classes, Yoga /Fitness classes.

The website is very user friendly and easy to navigate through. The content is rich in quality and presented in an interesting manner to keep your attention.

You can also get help from experts by asking them questions anytime you like. They will answer your queries within 24 hours.

Online Learning classes offer many advantages over traditional classroom learning

Flexibility: You can learn from home without having to commute and without missing work for class. Online learning also allows students to fit their education into their schedules instead of having to conform to a set schedule for lectures or labs.

Cost : Online learning is often less expensive than traditional classroom instruction because there are no required supplies, travel expenses or other costs associated with physical attendance (e.g., parking tickets).

Convenience : You can study from anywhere at any time of day with Internet access, which gives you more flexibility to log in anytime anywhere.

Our online classes include:

  • Online Abacus classes
  • Online Drawing classes
  • Online Dance classes
  • Online Vedic Maths classes
  • Online Jolly Phonic classes
  • Online Yoga /Fitness classes
  • Online Singing Classes

Trusted by 10,000+ students across the globe

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Based on 71 reviews
Nupur Paliwal
Nupur Paliwal
Within a month of enrolling my daughter in delighted champs abacus course I could see the improvement in her math skills, also her focus and concentration increased. The instructors are knowledgeable and supportive, and my daughter's progress has been remarkable. I couldn't be more pleased.
Alisha Newton
Alisha Newton
My teacher was Shilpa Maam Fun loving and amazing way of teaching Maths.. Thankyou for adding value to my life. ❤️Great teachers are never departed.. Remain close to my heart ❤️
Priya Sada
Priya Sada
Learning was great with you????. The classes were always interactive and joyful. First time felt the pleasure of solving maths with so much tricks ????. You guided us so well and always motivated us.
Dr Lalit Aggarwal
Dr Lalit Aggarwal
Delighted Champs conducted various classes Vedic maths, abacus for kids of Adarsh Nagar Hindu Refugees camp. It was truly an amazing experience for the kids, and we can really feel the difference. Your support in Adarsh Nagar is very much appreciated. These activities are required in our society and we request everyone to support underprivileged children, even just a drop of water will make a difference for dry throat.
Parag Khambia
Parag Khambia
We started with online demo class for our daughter. But then it was very interesting to her so we continued. Her experience with abacus learning at 'Delighted Champs' was truly positive and enriching. The program not only equipped her with fundamental abacus skills but also fostered a deeper understanding of mathematics and problem-solving. The instructors at 'Delighted Champs' were patient and dedicated, providing personalized attention to ensure our daughter grasped concepts effectively. Moreover, the engaging learning environment made the entire experience enjoyable for her. As parents, we are delighted with the progress she has made and are grateful to 'Delighted Champs' for nurturing her potential.
Shital Kamble
Shital Kamble
Delighted Champs' online Rubik's cube session are truly exceptional! Their engaging instructors make learning both enjoyable and educational; my skills have greatly advanced through these classes.thank you.
I recently joined the Abacus Teacher Training under Sanjana Mam, working in Delighted Champs, and she is an exceptional trainer. Her patience in addressing all doubts and flexibility in scheduling classes, considering my family responsibilities, make her one of the best. I highly recommend it!
Pooja Kuche
Pooja Kuche
Delighted Champs' online chess classes are truly exceptional! Their engaging instructors make learning both enjoyable and educational; my skills have greatly advanced through these classes; I highly recommend these classes to chess enthusiasts of all levels.
Bhavesh Saxena
Bhavesh Saxena
Delighted Champs Vedic Maths Teacher Training was an incredible learning experience. Their instructors are knowledgeable, and the program is structured so well. I am equipped to impart this valuable information to my students-highly recommended

Online Courses are the Most Convenient & Flexible Classes.

Our online classes are the most convenient and flexible. You can learn at a time that suits you, and no matter where in the world you are.

⇐ We will provide you with a personal online teacher to help you with your learning, who will be with you step by step through every lesson.

⇐ All our lessons are taught over Meet / Zoom, which means we can work together from wherever you are in the world (as long as there is a good internet connection).

⇐ Our teachers have years of experience teaching children and adults alike, so we know what works best for each age group. We have created our own unique curriculum based on our years of experience working with children and adults.

⇐ Our lessons are designed so that they can be easily followed by any age group, but if you have particular needs or interests then we can also cater for these too!

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